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One of the most common difficulties employers face is understanding and managing psychological or mental health-related illnesses in employees. When an employee is ill for an extended period of time, the employer’s responsibility for rehabilitation arises, which means that you must participate in effective rehabilitation with, for example:

  • Job training
  • Changed duties
  • Changed working hours
  • Adaptation of the workplace
  • Technical equipment
  • Competence development

As an employer, it can be very difficult to decide this yourself and how the situation should be handled. We are therefore there as support both for the employee, but also for the employer. We offer several different working life-oriented rehabilitation methods, such as conversations with rehab doctors or company doctors, CBT therapists and psychologists.

The best way to start at the first sign of burnout or other mental illness in an employee is to schedule a visit with our rehabilitation doctor. During this 1.5-hour visit, the co-worker and the doctor talk about the problem and come up with a first draft of a plan for how to avoid burnout or return to work with full force.

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Cancellation policy

Due to the long preparation before a rehabilitation visit with a rehab doctor, different cancellation rules apply to the visits. For cancellations of 1.5 hour rehab visits, these must be notified at least 5 working days before the visit.

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