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Healthcare for Corporate Healthcare customers

If you or an employee need to see the doctor for illness-related matters, we at Stockholm Medical Office offer medical appointments for simpler ailments. To minimize absence from the workplace, employees can book a doctor’s appointment with us to, for example, have their prescription renewed, check their blood pressure or do a quick check for, for example, a urinary tract infection and receive medication immediately.

This has been developed so that the staff in the office will not have to transport themselves collectively home to their local health center for simpler ailments that cost a lot of important working time.

However, our healthcare does not replace the individual’s healthcare center for longer healthcare investigations (e.g. investigations including x-rays, ultrasound, operations, etc.) of a private nature that are not work-related.

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Are you not a business customer of Stockholm Medical Office?

This service is part of Stockholm Medical Office’s corporate healthcare that business customers can book. Would you like to become part of our occupational health care with your company? Contact our reception and we will get back with a quote to connect your company.

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