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Drug test and alcohol test for companies

Do you wish to carry out planned or random drug and alcohol testing in your workplace? We at Stockholm Medical Office can help with this.

The most important thing to start with is to establish a policy in the company’s work environment plan (approved and sanctioned by the trade unions) where you decide on a general drug/alcohol test in the workplace.

The purely practical approach is to tell the staff that it has been decided that at the workplace, unannounced, an alcohol and drug test will be carried out for everyone, perhaps divided into groups on different days. In this case, we come to the workplace (or the group to us) and take these samples. (blood test + urine test). The staff must then give written consent that they will share their results with the employer.

Then, as an employer, you can book individuals or groups for drug and alcohol tests at your workplace or at our doctor’s surgery.

Drug/alcohol test for individual employees

Doing an alcohol test, similar to the one done in traffic (blood alcohol test), can be done on an individual employee if it is suspected that he is under the influence during working hours. However, there must be a need for protection, i.e. the person must be able to cause harm to himself or the work, for example driving a vehicle or behaving badly in front of customers or employees. If it is completely obvious that the person is under the influence, it goes without saying that drug and alcohol tests may be required. The trade union must then be notified.

If drug abuse is suspected, this applies in the same way.

It can also do a drug/alcohol test if there is suspicion of a high alcohol intake generally outside working hours as above.

Drug/alcohol test for new employment

Prior to new employment, it is now more often the rule than the exception to have the person you intend to hire or otherwise associate with the company undergo a drug and alcohol test. We recommend that you do a health check extended with drug and alcohol tests. The advantage of doing the entire health check in addition to just a drug and alcohol test is that the breadth of this also demonstrates the person’s other health.

For many recruitment companies, Stockholm Medical Office has become the obvious choice for health checks, but also for small and medium-sized companies that need to hire key people who will fill an important position in the future in the business.

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