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Do you have a question about our offer? Or are you wondering how to prepare for a visit? You can find most questions and answers in our section with Frequently Asked Questions. Otherwise, you are always welcome to contact our reception at 08-545 816 70 or

Common Questions

As a manager, can I get an indication of my employees' general state of health?

The information at the individual level is of course confidential. However, as a client, you can receive a monthly update on the general mental health of the company. This can be used as an insightful basis during organizational changes or the like, so that you can follow how the workforce's well-being is affected and offer the right support.

Can we set a cost cap?

Yes, we tailor the arrangement so that the number of escalated employees does not cause the agreed budget to be exceeded. Of course, it is also possible to test us on a smaller number of employees and then scale up gradually.

How much time is each employee expected to spend?

It is, of course, completely dependent on what the need and interest look like. For employees who are assigned clinical assistance, for example on sick leave, it may be required to put in time each week. For someone without direct problems, the arrangement is more free.

Contact details

Kommendörsgatan 44
114 58 Stockholm

08-545 816 70

Our History

In 1989, we opened our doors at Kommendörsgatan 44. At that time, there was a demand in the Östermalm area for a good, local clinic with a sense of what good service means. A clinic that simply has that little extra.

Since then, we have been the most sought-after clinic in the area, and word of mouth has been that ‘the real health check, yes, you do it at Medical.’

We welcome both old and new customers to our clinic, a place where you quickly feel at home.