When a colleague is ill for a longer period of time, the employer's rehabilitation responsibility arises, which means that you must contribute to effective rehabilitation.
  • Job
  • Changed tasks
  • Changed working hours
  • Adaptation of the workplace
  • Technical equipment
  • Skills development


When an employee is ill for a longer period of time, the employer’s rehabilitation responsibility arises, which means that the employer helps with effective rehabilitation. Employers are always responsible for work-related rehabilitation and to ensure that an employee’s workforce is assessed. The employee himself must also actively contribute to effective rehabilitation. Exactly what you as an employer need to do during sick leave is governed by LAS (Employment Protection Act), the Work Environment Act and the Social Security Code. There are many parts to keep track of when rehabilitating. Our rehab counselor helps the employer to create a platform for working practices that cover everything from investigation to action.

Should a co-worker be on sick leave for a long period, the Social Insurance Fund is responsible for coordinating the efforts. Examples of rehabilitation measures include job training, change of duties or relocation, changed working hours, workplace adaptation, technical equipment. skills development and retraining. Three (employers, rehab workers, employees) or four-party collectors (employers, rehabäkare, employees, the insurance fund) are an important part of rehabilitation work.

We offer offering work-life rehabilitation after illness and accidents. This includes, for example, rehabilitation through interventions by rehab counselors, company physicians, nurse, ct therapist and psychologist. Rehabilitation coordination, workforce assessment and alcohol and drug rehabilitation are also an important part of the work.

In case of a shorter period of absence or after a rehabilitation examination, medical visits will be made for sick leave. In an interaction between employers and employees, advice is also given on how a sick leave can look the best for all parties.

When an employer finds that an employee is ill-treated very often, it can be difficult for an employer to know how to handle this. A highly valued tool is our “call in service” where the employee is asked to call us at any time this is a malady and then submit a short health report logged. With this system, it is also easier for employers to decide on what stage any pre-doctoral certificate from a doctor is required by the employee. In order to break a pattern of many short-term sick leave, a conversation with the employee is usually booked with a nurse for review and health advice.