Occupational Health Care

Stockholm Medical Office is a modern corporate healthcare company with all the components and competencies required to deliver a complete solution for all types of companies and organizations, large and small.

Stockholm Medical Office is today the obvious choice for a very large number of companies, foundations, authorities and embassies in Stockholm.

Health Check

All our occupational health care is based on a classic health check, a well-proven way of measuring each individual's health.

Medical Certificate

Since 1989 we have issued medical certificates daily. This has made us the specialist of medical certificates in Stockholm.


We have a very well-managed psychotherapy unit consisting of three different types of skills depending on needs.

Drug and alcohol tests

To do an alcohol test can be done on an individual employee if you suspect that this is affected.

We have what you need


Stockholm Medical Office communicates with an appropriate physician in case of illness.


Our ergonomist Jan-Erik Ståhl offers ergonomics training on companies with individual workplace visits and subsequent report summary.


We offer management courses at the individual level. Identify driving forces, putting meaningful goals, intentions, frameworks, key factors for change.

Our services

We know that it's not enough to work alone to make the company or organization healthy, but with us, the entire occupational healthcare system is individually tailored, which means that we are based on the needs and health of each person and, as a starting point, create much healthier business environments.
All our occupational health care is based on a classic health check, a well-proven way of measuring each individual's health and gaining ongoing knowledge of current health status. In cases where necessary, all services are provided such as rehabilitation, stress management, change management, workplace and work environment, ergonomics and naprapathy.
Health Check
Medical Certificate
Corp - Doctor
Private - Doctor
Management courses
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