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Our change leader Pia Ståhl is a mentor in Almi Entrepreneurship Mentor Program

Identify driving forces, putting meaningful goals, intentions, frameworks, key factors for change. Creates expansion space for congruent leaders with a perspective on their organization.

We offer change work at the individual level.

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  • Communication Understanding

On the way to Activity-Based Office Solution

More and more organizations are transforming the office environment to support new, modern ways of working. Activity-based offices can save space and increase the flexibility of staffing, while providing environments for both meetings and concentrated work. Making the office activity-based is equally about new ways of working and new culture, such as architecture and furniture. Is it suitable for all activities? Is it good for the working environment, and how to do a positive process? Is there ergonomic problem in activity-based offices? What is required for success-based change process to succeed?
What is happening to people in general in a change process? What's happening specifically when the organization switches to an Activity-Based Work Environment? What happens in relationships, in groups, in the organization? What is it that creates resistance? How can we create commitment instead of concern?

Our education takes a starting point in the psychosocial, organizational and physical work environment and not least that this is a process of change. Moving furniture and people without "moving behavior" gives a flex office, no matter what the purpose was.

Education aimed at managers and managers, protection officers or employees, in short, an education to increase understanding of how to handle the pressure from the top, from the side and not least from within. How should I handle the requirements I face? How can I burn for my job and my mission without the risk of burning out? How can I lead myself and meet others? The goal is that you who participate will gain a deeper understanding of what creates stress and what you can and should do to minimize the risks of ill health.
The aim is also to provide basic knowledge of what communication and change processes consist of and how this affects behavior, cooperation and development, this to strengthen you in your role. In order to change the attitudes and behaviors of own and others, and to create better conditions for a meaningful whole, new knowledge is needed to meet new situations in a daily manner. This new knowledge will be given to you during these two days, without the needles or bad conscience. The days include lectures, exercises, reflections, practical reviews, experiences, discussions and summaries while we are having fun and enjoyment.

To burn without being burned out