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Stockholm Medical Office is Stockholm's leading overseas reception and insurance reception and has agreements with most Swedish and international insurance companies, shipping companies, airlines, hotels and also has the privilege to take care of most embassies and overseas missions.

Stockholm Medical Office offers all patients a complete range of healthcare services, depending on the situation.

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Medical clinics - Private payment

With us, you are welcome as a private person or company patient. You can come to us through your insurance company or as a private individual. We offer the complete healthcare and healthcare solution you need. With us, you as a patient can come for doctor's visits, dental visits, nurse visits, health examinations, and vaccinations. We also offer a private psychologist and CBT.

Our facilities are located in several locations and cover the entire city center of Stockholm.


At Stockholm Medical Office, we have several specialist doctors who welcome without a referral. We strive to always be able to provide the absolute best service and provide times as quickly as possible. Normally, we are usually able to offer medical appointments on the same day or the day after. The specialist skills we offer are the following:

Orthopedic Specialist

We also have a number of our own laboratories in Stockholm with our own blood sampling.

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Our competent and experienced staff are happy to provide advice and book you a visit through our telephone exchange. We have telephone hours between 07: 30-17: 00 Monday-Friday.

You can also book times by emailing us at