Foreign Non-Resident Patients

At Stockholm Medical Office we accept patients from all over the world. We are here for you who currently live and work in Sweden, temporarily visit Stockholm, work at an embassy, an abroad mission, or booked through International SOS.

Foreign non-resident patient

For you who are a foreign non-resident patient that would like to see a doctor, book via our reception by telephone (+46) 08-545 816 70.

We welcome all nationalities and produce a so-called “reserve number” that can be used anywhere in the Swedish healthcare and at all pharmacies in the country. To obtain such a requirement, you must provide proof of identity (passport or driving license) and provide a Swedish temporary address during your shorter or longer stay in Sweden.

We have available doctor’s appointments almost every day.

Receipt with full name and information about the nature of the visit is provided that can be used for any insurance company. The visit costs 1500:- Any tests or medical treatments will be added.

Embassy Service - Corps Diplomatic

We have the confidence of the vast majority of embassies and missions in Stockholm to take care of their diplomats, employees and their guests in case of illness. We always have emergency appointments available and can also come to your address with our mobile medical team for an additional fee.

Patient through insurance companies

We daily receive patients booked through insurance companies. All appointments at Stockholm Medical Office via insurance companies are always given directly to you as a patient.

Health check

Even if you are in Sweden for a shorter period of time, you can take care and do a health check with us. A health check is for those who want to go through your entire body and look for discrepancies. In case of deviations we follow up and take more blood samples in the area where the deviation has been found. For example, a health check can detect cancer of different kinds.

Read more about what is included in our health check here

Mobile medical team

In case of acute illness, we serve Stockholm’s hotels with our mobile medical team available after normal business hours.