To go to therapy

There are many reasons why we feel psychologically bad. It may be a failure of self-esteem, anxiety, stress at work, anxiety, lack of joy or problems in your relationships. Perhaps you have suffered from a crisis that makes it difficult to handle everyday life, which means that you need help to understand and move on.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is a therapeutic as structured and targeted look at what is the problem here and now. Thoughts, feelings and behaviors affect each other and can explain a lot why we feel bad. But in the same way, we can influence them so we can feel well again. In KBT, we are more interested in problem solving than the causes. However, this does not rule out trying to get an understanding of what luggage can affect us in the present.

Cognitive behavioral therapy
Jenny Fuxe

About me

I am a trained CTP Therapist, cognitive behavioral therapist at the Center for Cognitive Psychotherapy Stockholm - Sörmland. I also have a file from Stockholm University. A few years ago, I started my own private reception, KBT Vega, at Odenplan in Stockholm. I am also active as an individual and a therapist at Egil Linge's reception at Sveavägen. Before that, I worked as a therapist at Valsta healthcare center near Sigtuna with young people and adults alike.


Before I started my therapist education, I worked in the TV industry, including editor of TV4 and SVT with programs such as Rapport Morning, Go'väll, Nyhetsmorgon, Malou After 10 and Vardagspuls, My focus has always been on topics like psychology, medicine, health and relationships.


Booking is made via the reception. If the visit is to be paid by the employer, we kindly ask for it.